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The 20:20 Print Exchange

Each year since 2013 we have taken part in the Hot Bed Press 20:20 Print Exchange.

In September we get together at least ten printers, who each print twenty-five editions of a 20cm x 20cm print that they have created. 

All these prints are gathered and sent to the Hot Bed Press for the exchange.

In return, a couple of weeks later, each of our artists receives a random selection of twenty prints from about 600 other artists around the world.

The participating Hazelnut Press artists then get together to open their boxes of prints, consider them, and do swaps. For the past two years we have made our entries into a calendar, which is available to buy!

After the exchange, The Hotbed Press keep five of each of the prints, which tour the UK in exhibitions. In 2016 The Hazelnut Press exhibited several hundred of these prints in Sun Pier House, Chatham.

The fee is £10 per artist.


If you are interested in joining the next submission, please Contact Us. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions.


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