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Sharon Pallent BA (Hons) Illustration

Sharon will be taking part in an exhibition of prints to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Charles Dickens Death, to be held

at the Rochester Art Gallery later this year and is currently taking part in the online Medway Print Festival 2021.

Sharon’s work explores ancient buildings and landscapes.

She has worked for many years as a professional Illustrator for various clients, from London Underground to children’s educational book publishers.  An early commission was as an Artist–in-Residence for the Museum of London, at the Billingsgate Car Park Archaeological Dig.

Sharon currently enjoys working out on location, recording old industrial buildings at places such as Chatham Historic Dockyard. Her interest in print-making is an extension of her interest in line and form.

She can be contacted through the Hazelnut Press, or by email on

Sharon Pallent - By the Bus Stop, Rochester - Watercolour and ink

By the Bus Stop, Rochester.  Watercolour and Ink. 38 x 50cm  (H x W)

Sharon Pallent - Pines at Ostia - Linocut

Pines at Ostia.  Linocut.  17 x 32cm   (H x W)

Sharon Pallent - Grain Fort - Etching

Grain Fort.   Etching & Watercolour.   17 x 17cm    

Sharon Pallent - Sittingbourne Paper Mill - Watercolour and ink

Sittingbourne Paper Mill.  Watercolour & Ink. 43 x 60cm   (H x W)

Old Engine Sheds, Ashford.jpg

Old Engine Sheds, Ashford.  Watercolour & Ink.  42 x 60cm. (H x W)  

Sharon Pallent - Grain Fort - Etching

Grain Fort on the Medway.  Etching. 12 x 17cm  (H x W)   

Sharon Pallent - Maltese Church - Etching

Maltese Church.  Etching.  12 x 17cm  (H x W)

Sharon Pallent - The Olive Tree - Linocut

The Olive Tree.  Linocut.  19x 19cm 

Sharon Pallent - Colosseum.jpg

The Colosseum, Rome. Linocut. 20 x 14cm(H x W)

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