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Patterns of Life

Janice Emmott & Fran Toomey

Our joint exhibition is on the theme of Patterns of Life.  It celebrates the astonishing beauty, diversity and patterning of natural forms.  

We discovered in our work a shared love of nature.  We planned a joint Medway open studio and open garden with home made produce, including the sloe gin in the photograph.   We hope you will enjoy our virtual exhibition and Fran’s enchanting garden online, instead.  Cheers!


Fran’s camera perspective captures the patterns and rhythms of nature in atmospheric photos.  Some of Janice’s printed, painted and sewn works are inspired by the form of the mandorla (a pointed oval).  This is an ancient symbol with many meanings.  It is found everywhere in nature – think leaves, buds, fishes and birds.    Others are inspired by the life force and patterning of nature. !

Janice and Fran.jpg
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