Mary Leonard

Mary Leonard has been printing at the Hazelnut Press for just over a year and proudly took part in the 2017 and 2018 20:20 print exchanges. 


She lives in a little Victorian terraced house in Rochester and spends her days watching the starlings nest under the eaves, the rows of laundry hanging in the neighbours long thin gardens & listening to sparrows chattering in the evergreen bush a few doors down. She loves a bara brith tea loaf and sweet mint tea.


She is developing her garden and enjoys the guests that call it their home: the noisy June bugs, the grasshoppers in the ornamental grasses & Kent's largest toad!


Printmaking is a growing passion and she is in awe of its experimental nature and varying forms. She is in love with our beautiful British landscape, wildlife and quiet domesticity and enjoys celebrating these things in her work.


Instagram: @sidneyterrace


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