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Liz Howe

Liz Howe has been printing at Hazelnut Press for about four years. 

Experimental Lino printing is the technique that she uses, coupled with collage and mixed media.

She enjoys making work about urban landscapes/ new buildings / tree lopping/ the River Thames at Gravesend and also plants and countryside scenes. 

This print is called.. THE FAST ... which is what everyone in Gravesend calls the St Pancras trains. It has changed the town, speeding everyone into London in 20 minutes.

The Fast a.jpg

The Fast, Linocut - 20cm x 30cm

Liz Howe - Look After This Planet 1 - 40
Liz Howe - Look After This Planet 2 - 40
Liz Howe - Look After This Planet 3 - 40

Look After This Planet 1-3, Mixed Media, Collage, Printing  - 40cm x 50cm

06 - Liz Howe - Gravesend River

Gravesend River Pilot, Linocut - 20cm x 20cm

Liz Howe - Tropical - 26 x 36 .JPG

Tropical, collage with photographs and wrapping paper - 26 x 36.

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