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Links to Resources and Friends

The go-to arts listings site for Kent.

Email the team to ask them to list arts events in the Medway/Gravesend area.

Great arts Centre and tea shop in Chatham.

An open access workshop in Chatham Intra.

AMR are one of the few companies in the UK to specialise in the supply, transport, installation, maintenance and reconditioning of Letterpress and Printmaking equipment. 

Specialist engineers & suppliers to the printing trade.

Nearby Norman Cathedral that occasionally hosts art exhibitions.

Francis Iles are on Rochester High Street, and stock Heather Haythornthwaite's prints among work from other local and international artists.

Their art supplies shop is also excellent.

This art gallery shows local artists, and is within the tourist office on Rochester High Street.

Active artists around Gravesend.

Arts centre in Chatham, and coffee shop in Rochester.

A Printmaking Studio based in Salford that organises the 20:20 Print Exchange.

General art supplies, particularly good for sketchbooks.

Great for papers, felts and blankets. Based in Shaftesbury Avenue.

Manufactures of etching presses

Paper supplier based in South London.

Suppliers of ink, plate, lincoln wash and great rollers.

Suppliers of printmaking materials based in a beautiful old shop in Bloomsbury.

Suppliers of art and printmaking materials.

Printmaking and paper supplies based in Southwark.

Very cool prints from Pittsburgh.

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