Janice Emmott - Patterns of Life

With Fran Toomey

Images 1-4   Nature’s Forms

My first image is a linen cloth about 6’ long.  The mandorla in the centre frames the scattered but interconnected plants, animals and other elemental forms which are vital to all life.   Here (as now) nature has a breathing space.

Next is a detail of this cloth, with leaves, streams and snakes.

The exuberant flowers which follow are a micro view of nature’s beauty and bounty.

Janice Emmott - Patterns of Life.jpg
Janice Emmott - Patterns of Life detail.jpg
Janice Emmott - Tulip Opening.jpg
Poppies in the breeze.jpg
Janice Emmott - Purple Tulip.jpg

Images 5-8   Nature’s Rhythms

These images suggest the rhythms of nature – burgeoning, disintegrating, repeating.

Colour Spiral.jpg
Process of Creation.jpg

Images 9-11 Life Force

In images 9 and 10 the life force is personified. In the final image the stars are eyes (and fishes).  Suppose they look at earth.  What do they see?


Tree Spirits.jpg
Tree Spirits.jpg
The Night has a Thousand Eyes.jpg
Corn Spirit.jpg

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