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France Bray

Frances retired in 2018 after 39 years teaching art in a variety of locations from Hillingdon to Rochester via Dubai, Malvern and Kuala Lumpur and a few other places in between.  Her original training was in Graphic Design and Illustration.  However, over the years her interests have become very diverse, and she enjoys experimenting in a variety of media, including textiles, paint, printmaking and collage, in additional to some three- dimensional work.  The one thing which link all of these is her love of colour, texture and pattern, whether this be in abstract forms or more representational imagery.

Her most recent work builds on the small geometric prints above and she is currently in the process of producing a series of twenty abstract prints 30 X 30cm in size.  Lockdown and access to the Hazelnut Press facilities interrupted their completion.

During lockdown however, she did revisit portraiture and completed an acrylic painting of a recently qualified doctor, who was working at a local hospital with Covid patients.  The painting was entered for the on-line exhibition ‘Portraits for NHS Heroes’ and was subsequently published in the book which came out in December 2020 of the same name.

Most of this work is for sale, please Contact Us for details.

Logo.MPF21-Map 2cm.jpg
Frances Bray - Grumpy Fish Turquoise.jpg
Frances Bray - Khaki Spool Linoprint  15
Frances Bray - Lace Embers Collograph 15
Frances Bray - Light and Shade Linoprint
Frances Bray - Nordic Night Linoprint 15
Frances Bray - Weather for Ducks Linopri
Frances Bray - Hippy Shake Collograph wi
Frances Bray - Hippy Shake Collage.jpg
Frances Bray - Dark Weave Linoprint  15
Frances Bray - Blue Threads Linoprint  1
Frances Bray - Basketry Linoprint  15 x1
Frances Bray - Book cover 'Portraits for
Frances Bray - Dr Amreek Dhindsa.jpg
Frances Bray - Published portrait.jpg
Frances Bray - Published portrait.jpg
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