Fran Toomey - Patterns of Life

With Janice Emmott

In the bush

The colours and patterns of the Australian bush can be simultaneously strong and delicate, but the emphasis throughout is resilience.

Banksia 1.jpg
Banksia 2.jpg
After the rain.jpg
Misty mountains 7.jpg
Tree Spirits.jpg
Tree Spirits.jpg

Down by the river


This lockdown spring has given me the opportunity to explore the river in a way I had not done so before. The evening light during April lent a particular beauty to the different elements of the landscape.

Reeds in the sunset.jpg
Medway evening light.jpg



Celebrating the geometry and symmetry of natural forms.

Poppies in the breeze.jpg
Bee and allium.jpg
Tulip Opening.jpg
Beech leaves_1.jpg
Emerald river.jpg

Urban Reflections


Urban structures can be reimagined when viewed through water and glass. The presence of wildlife transforms the urban experience.

Flower shop.jpg
Isle of Dogs 2.jpg

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