Presses, Inks & Paper

New Press!

We have just had a big Albion press installed, click here for details. It will print relief images (linocuts, letterpress etc) larger than A2 (24" x 18"), plus border.

The Etching press is a geared Rollaco Boxer made for us in 2009, bed size 100cm x 50cm. It can be adjusted to print relief prints. The foolscap Albion Press, made in 1863 has an A3 bed. It does letterpress, linocuts and any other relief processes.

The 1950 Farley Proof Press and the Adana 8-5 deliver lovely prints, and our nipping press is invaluable for bookbinding. In addition we have various hand printing tools and techniques.

For workshops outside the studio, we have a portable etching press.

We also have an A1 vacuum screen printing bed.

We use a wide range of equipment for various plate making processes involving heat , light and an aquatint box. There are diverse tools for cutting and mark making, and rollers in a range of firmness and sizes for inking. Both oil based and safer water wash based inks made by Caligo, Charbonnel and Hawthorn are available as well as mysterious old tins of letterpress ink. 

We keep good but small range of paper for proofing and trials, and recommend you bring what you want to work on. Suppliers are listed here.

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