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The finest presses and materials are used to produce award-winning art prints. Printmaking courses are tailored to users. We offer an editioning service for artists. 
Hot Off The Press​​
Spring and summer are usually our busiest, most outward facing months with Open Studios, festivals and shows. Sadly, we will be taking a break from some projects this year until things return to some sort of normality. These are the projects we are still actively involved with.

Welcome to The Hazelnut Press In Rochester
  • The Hazelnut Press has established a fine printmaking reputation. 

  • The Hazelnut Press is an artist led printing studio in Rochester, Medway for intagliorelief, letterpress, screen and hybrid printmaking. It is owned and run by Heather Haythornthwaite.

  • We offer taster days and short courses for all ages, tailored to your skill and abilities. The studio can accommodate four printmakers at any one time.  

  • The widest range of relief plate making is possible using diverse proprietary printmaking lino: softcut, japanese, clear, traditional, foam board as well as hand made relief plates, printmaking ply, floor tile and repurposed flooring.

  • Intaglio plate making of collographs from found materials, Karazuri blind embossing,  drypoint engraving into plastics and metal plate, as well as traditional safer etched platemaking and aquatinting enabling the printmaking experience to be enjoyed at all levels.

  • Water based, non toxic inks and materials are available, as well as more traditional oil based inks.

  • Our attitude is both supportive, and open to experimentation. We encourage our students and members to exhibit their prints and participate in the Hot Bed Press 20:20 Print Exchange.

  • We provide an editioning service for artists and accept commissions. 


Booked Courses

Mon am, Sat, Sun and as required

Regular Printing Sessions

Mon pm, Mon eve, Tues am, Tues pm, Sat pm

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Please Contact Us or follow links for details, also see the full studio calendarRecent Workshops and Exhibitions.

Regular sessions and courses are currently on hold due to Covid, however please do contact us if you are interested in printmaking when restrictions ease further.


South East Open Studios 2020

This year's SEOS will consist of a number of on-line activities. More details here.


Medway Print Festival 2020

Medway Print Festival will be taking place online from 6-21 June.


20:20 Print Exchange

The HotBed Press,  Salford organises an international exchange of prints, and we have enjoyed participating in this annual event for several years now. Our earliest entries are not well documented, but more recent years are here to be seen. Each artist prints an edition of 25, and receives an eclectic box of 20 prints from a wide range of Presses. The remaining prints become touring exhibitions. We hosted an exhibition of over 350 of them in Sun Pier House in July 2015. Lack of space preventing a complete show.

It is a fun way to be part of something big, improve your skills  and broaden your knowledge of printmaking. We welcome applicants, and expect you to make your prints here, where we can offer advice, opinion and practical support as you work. In this picture you see Liz Howe with her edition ready to post.

On receipt of the prints we meet for an evening to discuss, compare and swap prints, and our prints go into the Hazelnut Press calendar, which is available to buy.

Contact Us if you would like to take part, or if you would like to buy a 2020 calendar.

You can see our 20:20 submissions below.

The 2019 20:20 Cohort



Presses, Inks & Paper

We have an 1822 Albion press which we've recently found out was used to proof the Evening Standard from 1822 to 1956, click here for details. It will print relief images (linocuts, letterpress etc) larger than A2 (24" x 18"), plus border.

The Etching press is a geared Rollaco Boxer made for us in 2009, bed size 100cm x 50cm. It can be adjusted to print relief prints.


The foolscap Albion Press, made in 1863 has an A3 bed. It does letterpress, linocuts and any other relief processes.

The 1950 Farley Proof Press and the Adana 8-5 deliver lovely prints, and our nipping press is invaluable for bookbinding. In addition we have various hand printing tools and techniques.

For workshops outside the studio, we have a portable etching press.

We also have an A1 vacuum screen printing bed.

We use a wide range of equipment for various plate making processes involving heat , light and an aquatint box. There are diverse tools for cutting and mark making, and rollers in a range of firmness and sizes for inking. Both oil based and safer water wash based inks made by Caligo, Charbonnel and Hawthorn are available as well as mysterious old tins of letterpress ink. 

We keep good but small range of paper for proofing and trials, and recommend you bring what you want to work on. Suppliers are listed here.


Studio Sessions & Calendar

Regular Studio times

09:30 - 12:30, 13:00 - 15:30, 18:30 - 21:30

Monday, Tuesday and Saturday

Time to discuss and research ideas 18:30 - 20:30 Thursday.

To book courses or discuss your needs please Contact Us.

Studio Calendar

Dec 03, 2019

Displaying at Fishslab Gallery, Whitstable

Dec 04, 2019

Displaying at Fishslab Gallery, Whitstable

Dec 05, 2019

Displaying at Fishslab Gallery, Whitstable

Dec 06, 2019

Displaying at Fishslab Gallery, Whitstable

Dec 07, 2019

Displaying at Fishslab Gallery, Whitstable

Dec 08, 2019

Displaying at Fishslab Gallery, Whitstable

Dec 09, 2019

Displaying at Fishslab Gallery, Whitstable

Jan 15, 2020

Letterpress Workshop

Jan 16, 2020

Letterpress Workshop

Jan 18, 2020

Letterpress Workshop

Jan 19, 2020

Letterpress Workshop

Jun 12, 2020

Medway Print Festival and South East Open Studios

Jun 13, 2020

Medway Print Festival and South East Open Studios

Jun 19, 2020

Medway Print Festival and South East Open Studios

Jun 20, 2020

Medway Print Festival and South East Open Studios

Jul 03, 2020

Open for Medway Open Studios

Jul 04, 2020

Open for Medway Open Studios

Jul 10, 2020

Open for Medway Open Studios

Jul 11, 2020

Open for Medway Open Studios

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Ban The Mindreader Teatowels

‘Ban the Mindreader’ the tea towel is for sale

We don't have a shop on this site at the moment, so please use the instructions below to buy one.

The price is £10 each, or £18 for two, excluding postage and PayPal charges.

How to Order


Email us to arrange a collection time, pay with cash or bank transfer on collection.

Or email us with your name and delivery address. We’ll send you PayPal details, and post them to you. Remember to add £2.00 to your order for postage and PayPal .



Editioning is the process of creating a run of prints from a prepared linocut, woodcut, etched plate etc. 

The Hazelnut Press can take your finished plate and return you a set of prints.

The editioned prints are usually are presented in hand cut mounts using conservation grade mountboard.

Editions are usually of 30 with four Artist Proofs . The uncompromising approach to the image, the process and presentation creates an object of fine quality. The edition number is listed on every print.

We can also print cards and labels.


©The Hazelnut Press, 2020, Heather Haythornthwaite,, +44(0)7702 269972